Creates Sacred Space for

Transformation and Spiritual Growth

Our Purpose:

To pioneer a World Class SOUL CENTER in Newport Beach, CA for the distinct purpose of Experiencing,  Expressing, Celebrating and Deepening into the Divine in all things.

We are a Transdenominational spiritual community based on New Thought / Ancient Wisdom / Universal Truth Teachings in order to awaken to  our Oneness and deepen our connection / understanding of Spirit.

We will be offering opportunities for creative expression and the experience of God within through prayer, meditation, dance, music, art, cooking, gardening, workshops, fellowship, outreach, and ultimately an off-site coastal compound for retreats.

The campus we envision will include a sanctuary that inspires, tranquil meditation gardens, indoor and outdoor space for large social and educational communion, space for intimate gatherings and classrooms for innovative Sunday School and training.

Our expansion will include a groundbreaking Pre-School based on A Course in Miracles tenets with a multidimensional approach that embraces individual needs while nourishing the children's Spirit within.

Immediate Needs:

$5,000 in order to secure and transform Sacred Space with interiors designed to enhance consciousness in order to support the growth of a Spiritual Community with transdenominational appeal. The facility will include electronics and recording capabilities for Speakers and Musicians.

At inception, the Sanctuary will seat 100 attendees, with a $50 value per chair.

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